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Benefits of Qi Wireless Charging

One of the things we hear the most after consumers use Qi wireless charging for the first time is, “it’s so simple” or “how did I go without wireless charging before?” Most people don’t realize the convenience of wireless charging until they use it throughout their daily life.

Have you ever experienced this before?

When you have Qi wireless chargers by your bed, in your car, at work or on the go, you can have confidence and never have to worry about a dead battery. Most users of wireless charging find that they do “power grazing”, that is instead of just putting their phone down on a desk, table, or car console when not in use they put it on their Qi wireless charger.  If they need to use their phone they just pick it up.  No wires to fumble with and their phone keeps a healthy charge all day without even thinking  about charging.

You have probably heard about wireless charging being embedded in phones like the new
iPhones or Samsung devices. But what you might not know is that Qi wireless charging is already installed in thousands of public locations worldwide, with more being added every day. You might already find wireless charging spots in hotels, airports, travel lounges, restaurants, coffee shops, businesses, stadiums and other public places. You can even find wireless charging installed in over 80 car models from Mercedes-Benz to Toyota or Ford.

Now that Apple is including Qi wireless charging in their new phones the number of locations that will start offering wireless charging will accelerate so that soon you won’t have to hassle with carrying cords, trying to find an outlet or worry about running out of battery power.
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